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Qin 1934 Restaurant a Qin Zhou – Cantina Valpolicella Negrar

Retro Republic of China style | Qinzhou’s first Internet celebrity restaurant in the Republic of China-Qin 1934 is coming!

Qin 1934 restaurant is located in the Zhongshan section of the old street of Qinzhou City, on the edge of the Jiangzui River embankment. The houses are full of the style of the Republic of China. The simple and simple decoration style, the mottled walls, are full of unique symbolic imprints of the 1930s. The Republic of China was only more than 30 years old; it was an age full of stories.


Qin 1934 will also officially meet with you on October 1st-from sight, hearing and taste to take you back to the Zhongshan Road of Qinzhou in 1934, which is full of the national style of the Republic of China.


The restaurant upholds the design concept of restoring the new as the old and preserving the original flavor. Based on the two arcades side by side at No. 127 and No. 129, Zhongshan Road, the restaurant is renovated and rebuilt. Functional space.


The third floor of the restaurant joins Qinzhou’s unique local food and wine culture, using contemporary culture and design language to interpret a new creative space.


As the wine supplier of Qin 1934 restaurant, Qin Sheng Industry pays more attention to quality, taste and price. There are nearly 500 original imported wines in original bottles, among which the famous wines include the Penfolds Digital series of Fuyi Group, the BV Bordeaux series of Puli Chateau, and the Amaroni series of Chateau Negrar, Italy.

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