Go Far is the Irecoop Veneto programme that helps you reach foreign markets, equipping you with a solid structure and managing the entire process for you with qualified local professionals.


programma strutturato

A programme that is structured in detail and managed by professionals in the sector;

strategie marketing

Coordination of marketing and sales strategies;

strategie vincenti

A development project that identifies winning strategies for your products;

Management of problems related to customs, transport and partners

consulenza formazione

Consultancy and training to make you self-sufficient while you grow;


IRECOOP Veneto is accredited by the Region for Continuous Training and Employment Services. Among other services, we advise small and medium-sized enterprises in Veneto. Thanks to the backing of our IRECOOP Veneto offices around the world, we support companies entering new international markets. Your products will be distributed using a structured programme and planning for the growth of your business.

Go Far supports you with specific programmes depending on the market and individual needs, in order to select the most effective strategies in each context. That way we will give your business the tools to overcome the challenges of entering and expanding into new countries.

Go Far è il programma di Irecoop Veneto che ti aiuta a raggiungere i mercati esteri, dotandoti di una struttura solida e gestendo per te l’intera attività con professionisti locali qualificati.

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